This section is a documentation of the oral history  gathered from the Coharie people by the UNC Capstone group during their trip to the Coharie Tribal Center in September 2016.  Each tribal member profile is a distillation of an interview conducted by one of the eight UNC students involved in this project.  When information is not in quotation marks, it is either commentary or context about the person being interviewed, while quoted material comes directly from the interview subject.

The first two members listed, Greg Jacobs and Phillip Bell, hold leadership positions in the Coharie Tribe and acted as liaisons between the capstone group and the tribe over the course of the project.  The capstone group suggests reading these two oral histories before diving into our other profiles, which range from young men in their mid-20’s to some of the oldest living tribal members.  Their insights help contextualize the problems the Coharie River is facing in relation to a changing tribe and changing world.  Over the course of each interview, tribal members were asked to detail their Coharie upbringing, as well as their relationship to the river, and their opinions and feelings about what the future holds.  Full interview transcriptions can be found on the UNC Southern Oral History Program Website.