We are grateful to Amy Locklear Hertel and Christina Theodorou at the American Indian Center at UNC for making this project possible.  Amy and Christina introduced us to the Coharie Tribe and served as a liaison throughout the project.  We also would like to thank the members of the Coharie Tribe, especially Greg Jacobs and Phillip Bell, for welcoming the capstone students and for being such gracious and kind hosts and partners in this project.  It was an honor and privilege to work with the Tribe.
In addition, many other people, listed below, played important roles in the capstone project.   We would like to thank them for their assistance.

Friends of the Sampson County Waterways

Nikhil Kaza – Associate Professor in the UNC Dept. of City and Regional Planning

Taylor Smith – Graduate assistant for the capstone group

Emily Williams – Director of Communications at the UNC Institute for the Environment

Greg Klaiber – Media Lab Manager at UNC

Warren Gentry – Photographer and videographer

The members of the Tribe who allowed us to interview them

Mike Schlegler

Jon Duncan – Hydrologist at the UNC Institute for the Environment

David Salvesen – Faculty advisor for the capstone project